William Escore

Codename: Oppressor


Shaggy brown hair, glazed over green eyes and pale white skin William appears to be a man who is tired and disillusioned by the world and what it has to offer.


A verified super-human, William Escore seemed to be a simple English teacher who went on a rampage through-out Kingstown starting his rampage on a bridge. According to reports he was thinking about suicide when a Police officer talked him out of the action. Instead William went on a rampage collapsing the bridge, and rending building after building to rubble with his telekinetic powers.

Through the assistance of the military’s Nullifer rounds William was taken alive and is going to be tried within two weeks for his crimes against humanity. His exposure has gained the name “Oppressor” due to his proclamations that society holds down the true innovators of this country and needs to be destroyed.

His actions have revived the controversy on “Supers” reminding everyone that even a humble citizen can evoke such destruction just because they want to. Comparisions to gun violence and outcry for “Super Regisitration” has taken root but fiercely combated by some.

Currently William remains contained at the “Black Lock Institute”

William Escore

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