Simon Berkley

Warm-Spirited performer


190 lbs of pure warmth, Simon Berkley is a kind soul who has grown up in Kingstown. Despite the destitute surroundings and crime as far as the eye can see this young man has somehow remained a kind selfless soul who has always helped those who need it but is hungry for a chance to change his life and be more in control of the world around him.


Simon Berkley was a High School graduate who came from a family unable to afford a college education. Not looking down on his luck he instead made the best he could of it and started his life as a street musician, dancer and actor. Having spent most of his life looking for ways to bring people together through art and smiles.

Simon’s family has has ties to gangs most of his life on his uncle’s side. Simon listened to his mother when he was a boy and stayed away from his Uncle and considered it a great loss when his cousins started down the same road as their father ranging from selling drugs, robberies and break ins.

Simon met his girlfriend Zoey Landers during his performance of Othello with a local thespian group. They hit it off at a wrap party and have been dating since, she truly loves his artistic side and offers anything she can for her boyfriend and obviously he offers the same to her.

Simon was saved by Jacob Zarada (Codename: Bulwark) from a hostage situation involving an ex-military green beret. Simon was trying to help out Joseph Everitt, a well known Multi-Milionaire of Kingstown solve a suspicious land dispute between himself and Waterfall Credit Union.

The youth might have a basic understanding of crime but the woman who took him captive was a professional assassin after leaving the military. She is currently under arrest and Simon is set to testify against her in court.

Simon Berkley

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