Sadie Columbo

Drummer of Azure Flames


A fierce looking blonde woman in typical ragged or loose clothing you might find a drummer wearing. She sports a few tattoos along the back of her shoulder and along her strong looking arms. A pretty face but one that seems to hide her abrasive or blunt nature.


A young girl who was raised on Rock & Metal with her father, the late Connor Columbo. Conor was a nearly legendary producer for music in the 90s. He learned at an early age his daughter loved the music he produced and it made he feel free and wild.

But when Sadie was only 5 her family divorced and she went to live with her Father, despite his success he did what he could to make any time away to be solely spent with his daughter going on vacations and long road trips singing, playing “air drums”, and being a family. However when Sadie was only 9 her father passed away from cancer.

The courts mandated she return to her mother who was now able to hold a job. Sadie’s mother may have became her guardian but she was hardly as warm as her father. Carla Evans had a difficult addiction riddled life and held no bond with her daughter, infact during a particularly difficult night home from work Carla came home screaming how Sadie was the whole reason her life span so out of control and she has to work so hard to stay afloat when she could have had such a better life if she hadn’t gotten pregnant.

Sadie began to keep her distance from her mother, grew to resent her and reached out for people who didn’t think of her as a burden. Needless to say these complex emotions are rarely understood by middle-schoolers she found herself as a complete social outcast. It wasn’t for a few years until Sadie ran across two nice guys playing music while waiting for their late school bus to take them home that she found anyone she wanted to talk to.

It wasn’t long until Sadie found herself hanging around Edward “Edge” Thompson & Ashley Stevenson. They were doofs but kind hearted ones who liked the same music as her. They joked about starting a band until they ran into Victor Cartwright who was committed to making that goal a reality. All of them harnessed their youth and began to learn what they could. Even Sadie found herself smiling playing in Edge’s garage because her Mom refused to listen to the racket she was making.

It felt like a dream but before anyone realized they had graduated High School together focusing more on music than their grades and absolutely loving the lives they were leading. When Sadie turned 18 she was notified by the state of an inheritance that was left in her name by Conor. She had been left a sizeable fortune in her name with the note saying “Find your own song Darling.”

Ash asked how she knew Connor Columbo and she told them all that night about saying goodbye to her father. Ash decided then and there the band wouldn’t quit till we hit it big and became the next big band. Sadie invested into professional equipment, a van publicity and formal lessons for everyone and after a few years of struggling their name was becoming known in the New England Area and a contact that knew Sadie and her father from years ago.

Sadie remains the group manager and drummer but is known for her abbrasive attitude that epitomizes an empowered rebellious woman rocker who seems able to shift into business mode in an instant.

Sadie Columbo

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