Ophelia/ Pep

Codename: Harmony


A young woman baring scars to the horrible torture she went through torture to manifest her powers. She normally hides her scars by wearing a hooded trench coat, while underneath she is still wearing the same clothes she was forced to wear while enduring the suffering. Her clothes consist of dark black combat boots that go just up to her ankles, a leather skirt with boy shorts underneath, and a crop top. Her eyes are the purest of blues. She has jet black hair that she wears in a emo cut style. She wears dark makeup, onyx purple lipstick and dark green eye shadow.

Pep normally wears her hair up in two ponytails with red ribbons to tie it up. Her hair is a vibrant blonde that shines like sunlight. She has piercing green eyes that some say glow when she is in a “playtime” mode. She has very bright brilliant clothes like a porcelain doll. She wears a very tight corset with a tutu.


Ophelia doesn’t recall much of her past all she has know is the torture, pain and anguish at the hands of the Midnight Veil. A dark organization that is still unknown to her. She has constantly been under torture by the hands of the lead doctor, Dr. James Kranther. Ophelia has endure torture for as long as she can remember from the age of 11. This torture included shock therapy sessions. She was forced time and time again to heal the wounded agents against her will. She soon grew to disdain her abilities The only kindness she has known is from a man named Zeke.

Zeke found a way to sneak Ophelia out during the middle of a big top secret meeting of the board. During that time they found a trap door leading from the room Ophelia was being kept. They quickly made their way through an under ground tunnel in the dark. Zeke being all too familiar with Ophelia’s sensitive condition he had to Play a game with Pep to get her out safe. Unfortunately Pep is too loose of a canon and killed a few people on they way out to freedom. Once they were clear of the danger Zeke subdued Pep in a way only he knew thus gaining Ophelia back. They have been on the run now for six whole months as the Midnight Veil is very persistent to get one of their most prized possessions back. After Crossing into the Canadian border Zeke had to part ways with her as to throw them off her track.

She has spent days trying to figure out what money is and how it is used to purchase food. Unfortunately Zeke only gave her enough to last for five days. So she has had to interact with people by getting a job something to which she knows nothing about. The job she found was one at the local docks in hopes to make enough to be able to eat. Ophelia is a quiet woman, she tends to be afraid of others. Due to the fact of all the years of misuse of her powers. Has a hard time believe people can be kind the only one she trust to do this is Zeke.

Not much is known how Pep came to exist, It could have been Ophelia at some point gave into one of her sessions with the doctor, no one can say for sure. All that can be said is if you hear a music box with the sound of laughter you can only run. Pep loves nothing more than games and fun times. Doctor Kranthar has spent hours making his perfect little doll. Pep is very outgoing compared to her other side Ophelia, she loves being in a crowd. Especially when she was on what they would call for her “tea time.” The doctor would constantly brought Pep gifts such as her favorite music box and porcelain doll. Pep also loves to play hide and seek with her prey, so she was often brought out for those missions to “play” with the target.

Ophelia/ Pep

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