Codename: Time-Trial


After experiencing a motorcycle crash in the middle of the night Mitch found himself badly hurt with his helmet cracked. He wasn’t able to move very well and felt like he suffered a concussion. He called out to the other car that fell into the ditch only to find it was empty. An ambulance rolled up to the crash site particularly quick and Mitch thought everything was okay, but that was when it all went wrong.

The ambulance was a fake, the person who loaded him onto the stretcher quickly knocked him out with laughing gas. He woke up inside an abandoned granary and found himself hunted by a man only wielding a knife. The event was so traumatic something woke up inside the biker, a vision to see into the future. This gift allowed him to run for his life from his killer even though he was wounded and find a police officer on duty while out on patrol.

Mitch pleaded for help but the officer wasn’t buying it he was about ready to leave before Mitch got desperate and learned he could also see into the past. Without a second thought he blurted out to the officer the lowest moment of his life; Not following up with a little girl asking for help. Investigator Kyle Weston knew immediately knew that Mitch couldn’t have known this it was a deep secret even his family didn’t know. He believed Mitch and took him into custody downtown without a crime and sent out a report on the criminal.

He stayed inside a cell for weeks trying to figure out exactly what he was and saw Kyle questioning witnesses to various crimes. Before he knew it he no longer was held in prison but helping Kyle surmise evidence. Kyle pointed out that he must have been a super with his power to know things that just simply aren’t present to deduce. He warned the kid that being true and proving truth are two different matters and while his gifts were helpful they weren’t something that could be used often in law ironically.

The two kept in touch but Kyle couldn’t keep Mitch in solitary any longer without a crime he had already busted some of the worst cases the city had been struggling with for months. Mitch decided it was best to leave the country as he wasn’t convinced the killer wasn’t still out there and urged Kyle to get him and bring him to justice.

Nothing was ever found of his nemesis but Mitch left for Canada figuring it would be far enough from the normal and maybe consider exploring a college education in the area. It wasn’t until a powerful premonition washed over him as he drove the roads that Mitch found himself tethered to the city of Kingstown.


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