Joseph Everitt

Codename: Century


A gruff older man appearing to be in his 50s. Joseph is a man with stern eyes and a thick but well groomed beard and mustache with a bit of greying to it. He holds himself with pride and strength as he walks despite using an elegant cane.


Born nearly 900 years ago, Joseph Everitt is a man with a well hidden past swallowed by time. In his youth he took up the mantle of a Crusader in the name of God securing Jerusalem in the name of the Second Crusades. Within his travels he formed a true friendship with his squire Wesley Tesher. Brothers in arms each had saves the other’s life on many occasions while in service to God. As time went on Wesley left the service of Everitt.

Joseph eventually grew in reputation and status earning himself a proper lordship and lands along the middle east to call his own. His trusted friend and colleague Wesley became a scout master and two of them continued to serve into their silver years. The times of drinking and leaving the work to the young passed though when a threat came to Wesley’s ear about a long forgotten apostate from their youth returning to the sands of the Holy Land.

Kasserin was a formidable warrior they had crossed blades with in their youth and was considered a legend of the Muslim people for his tenacity in duels. After 3 decades of service, this infamous warrior rose from past killing all of Wesley’s Scouting Party other than 1 survivor to carry his message and die immediately after. A spell activated and the poor soul was killed where he stood his heart had stopped but his parroted warning was heard.

“Leave the Holy Land tonight, or see what good your prayers and god will be when I come to seek vengeance for my sons & Wife.”

The news struck Joseph sharply, those people had recently been captured but were under his direct order to be kept as prisoners. The threat provided spoke of them as though they were already dead. Wesley read the fallen scouts journal seeing excerpts about the dead marching toward Jerusalem. Joseph & Wesley both knew how this would play out…. causalities of war; and superstition.

Lord Everitt called a meeting of the Houses to determine the fate of this news after he confirmed his own men had killed prisoners without being sentenced. He ordered the hanging of his own men which incited outrage among many of the nobles. Joseph demanded that the city band together and meet Kasserin’s forces outside the city to limit casualties which was immediately discredited by more powerful nobles who withdrew all support.

When the meeting had concluded only Wesley’s forces were pledged to Lord Everitt and they road out to their deaths. Kasserin’s once formidable size had languished in the years to a husk of a man but instead enveloped in the arcane. He commanded his undead to tear apart the crusaders. His rage was unending and his fury was inhumane as it’s best.

Joseph & Wesley’s forces fought valiantly but the unstoppable waves of the dead proved too much to stop with mundane steel. Everitt kneeled in defeat ready to offer his life but Kasserin told him that he would be last first he would find the man who served him most loyally and kill him. After a few wrong choices Wesley’s time had come and Everitt demanded the chance to duel for his life… Kasserin responded by chopping off Wesley’s right leg as he promptly bled out.

In a rage Everitt rose screaming out to all that was just in the world to fill his blade with his convictions and end this monster hear and now. While it was a brilliant speech the necromancer hexed Joseph on the spot to wither and die of old age before him so long as Kasserin lived. But in that moment the middle aged warrior found the hex hold no sway over him he instead plunged his sword straight through his enemy’s heart killing him in the middle of his incantation.

Everitt dropped to his knees to pick up his friend as the lingering hex took hold. While it should have killed Everitt it instead imploded onto it;self offering instead immunity to death so long as Kasserin remained dead. The hex flooded into wesley as well and miraculously returned him to life. Since this time the duo have been traveling the world remaining the centuries against bot religious corruption and evil.

Joseph Everitt

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