Jacob Zarada

Codename: Bulwark


Standing 6’ 3" and 240 lbs of sculpted muscle from hard labor Jacob stands with an air of calm confidence that can’t be denied. Despite his imposing stature he gives off a presence of calm which quickly shifts into anger at the drop of a hat.


Jacob Zarada was born a humble boy in a struggling family with 3 others siblings. He was part of institutionalized public schooling with a failing Budget from Kingstown. Avoiding the worst the city had to offer Jacob was a well known tattle tale and often found beatings for standing up to bullies for himself and others.

When High School came Jacob was forced to drop out of school and get a job to help his bed ridden father due to his other siblings running off with their careers and abandoning their old lives. Jacob struggled to make ends meet till one of his old friends offered him a job at the Kryphus Excavation & construction Company.

Managing to finally make enough to keep house payments and medical bills at bay Jacob found a good niche in his life. Working as long and as hard for the company he could and traveling out of state it wasn’t until a recent mining operation south of Kingstown. A shaft collapse took place threatening the lives of dozens of miners which gained massive public notice.

Inside the crushed shaft and tunnels Jacob woke up from the collapse in a vacuum filling with a metallic ore gas which he involuntarily inhaled. Finding the strength to move the debris and rubble Jacob did the impossible and not only freed himself but almost all his peers trapped in the mines in danger of suffocation.

Many passed off the incident as an adrenaline surge but others were convinced Jacob displayed Super Human powers. Most of the employees were grateful to not lose their lives. However one or two struggling employees reported Jacob’s Actions to their supervisors. The work crew warned Jacob he was being watched by Kryphus R&D. The crew took up a donation for Jacob to quit work and look for another job and keep fighting the good fight.

Since then Jacob has been struggling keeping the bills in check working two jobs and reaching out to family to help pull their weight after the event to no success. Knowing that regardless of how strong or durable he’d get he was still a man who needed to be available for people to lean on.

Jacob Zarada

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