Howard Masters

Codename: Icarus


Standing at around 5’7 with buzzed hair and green eyes Howard stands with a straight posture . His normal attire is cargo pants and an old school bomber jacket and a simple undershirt. He’s normally flamboyant and is known to many to have a silver tongue.


Howard got his start within the world of Mecha when he studied abroad in Japan during his college years. Watching the robots fight Kaiju every week stirred up a fire inside him that he nor his family couldn’t extinguish. He dropped out of college and stayed illegally within japan for the next five years. He signed on with amateur Mecha pilots and worked as a technician for a few years. Every night he would sneak back into the garage and sit in the pilot seats dreaming of one day manning one of his own. One late night a Kaiju attack gave him the excuse he needed to steal the mech and finally fulfill his dream. even as a clumsy pilot his showmanship and fervor landed him a sponsorship with a up and coming Korean Tech company. Leaving Japan behind he left for Korea and has been traveling the world doing the best he can and honing his piloting skills since.

Howard Masters

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