Ashley Stevenson

Codename: Ash


Age: 24
Sex: Male
Gender: Man
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 176lbs


Ash is a rockstar. At least he dreams of being one. He grew up in Aurora, Illinois and has played guitar from the age of 8.

Now at the age of 24 he is the lead guitar player of the band Azure Flames. They’ve been together for a few years, have played shows, and even independently released 2 albums of their own. They have a loyal following and have been gaining momentum over the past year.

When Ash was 21 he got lost on the way home from the bar after a few drinks. Wandering down an alley he heard a bizarre sound coming from a door, barely cracked open. The sound wasn’t scary, it was intriguing, alluring. Ash, not thinking and also curious for adventure, wandered through the door. Continuing down some stairs and down a strange hallway with a single door at the end. Through the frame of the door Ash could see a glowing light emanating from the other side. As he opened the door there was a single man, cloaked.

“Come in young man, I have a gift for you.” – Cloaked figure

Confused, Ash went closer, and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the Protector of mankind, you would know me by the name Thor.” – Thor

*Hiccup “Wut?…” – Ash

“Thor, from your planet’s mythology. I’ve seen you progress and there is potential from you. I want you to rise from your current state and aid me in guarding this realm. You will take this and grow, you will help those who cannot help themselves. I expect to see great things from you. Do not let me down or I will take this gift back.” – Thor

As Thor walks past Ash toward the door Ash turns his head watching him leave. As Thor closed the door Ash turns forward to see that behind Thor was this magnificent, beautifully crafted guitar. Awestruck, Ash stepped forward and reached for the guitar. Once he grasped it a ripple through the air filled the room. Ash plucked it and like the majesty of the sound. He went home and passed out. When he woke up, he thought it was a weird dream but then he looked to the center of the room and saw the guitar floating. Realizing things were now going to change Ash tried to come up with a plan. He knew given way of the world he needed to keep this secret until he learned about what he could with it.


In his town he stopped low key crimes with his power to put people in a mesmerized to state but made sure to leave before cops or someone entered the scene. He’s had a difficult time balancing the responsibilities of the guitar and maintaining a normal face to the public and his friends.

Recently his band booked a gig at the Battle of the Bands show in Kingston, Quebec. He’s been looking forward to what kind of thrills would come out of this adventure.

Ashley Stevenson

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